Here are some of the projects and presentations I did during my undergraduate studies at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran [2012-2017]:

  • Mechatronics (May 2016).
    • Magnetic Sensors. A presentation about various types of magnetic sensors and their applications. [Slides]
  • Industrial Control (December 2015):
    • The SMA Finger. Design and Implementation of a circuit for feeding the voltage of an artificial finger created using Shape-Memory Alloy (SMA) technology.
  • Instrumentation (October 2015):
    • Electromagnetic Flowmeters with Self-Cleaning Electrodes A brief review of flowmeters and several methods such as electric or magnetic excitation through which the electrodes of a flowmeter can be cleaned automatically to avoid inaccuracy in measurement. [Slides]
  • Power System Analysis I (November 2015):
    • Simulation of a Power System. Using the software Power World, I simulated a power system containing several given generators and loads. [Files]
  • Linear Control Systems (January 2015):
    • Modeling and Simulating Human’s Body Skeletal
      Structure. In this project, I modeled the skeletal structure of human using an inverted pendulum with two degrees of freedom.

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