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  • Nasehpour, P. and Parvardi, A.H., Dec. 2017. Finitely additive, modular, and probability functions on pre-Semirings. Communications in Algebra, 46(7), pp.2968-2989.
  • A. H. Parvardi. Lifting The Exponent Lemma. Apr. 2011. Selected as a featured article of the Art of Problem Solving website [AoPS]
  • Nasehpour, P. and Parvardi, A.H. and Ghobadipasha, N. Superparticular Decompositions and Musical Graphs (Ongoing):  In this study, Dr. Peyman Nasehpour, Nadia Ghobadipasha, and I  examine superparticular ratios with number theoretic aspects and then we use those number theoretic results to analyze some of the so-called musical graphs. To be completed soon.

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  • Moderating AoPS Fora (2010 – Present):
    • I was a global moderator at AoPS (2010 – 2014). I am now in charge of the olympiad community moderation at AoPS, starting 2010.
  • Resource Manager at AoPS (2010 – 2014)
    • I was the chief manager of AoPS Olympiad Resources. On 2012, I collected problems of almost all mathematical Olympiad competitions around the world from 1959 to 2012 and published them here.
  • Translating and Publishing Iran Olympiad Problems (January 2011):
    • I translated and posted problems of Iranian Mathematical Olympiad from 1983 to 2010 to AoPS fora. The problems can be found here.
  • Manager of ISL–ILL Project (September 2010):
    • I posted (and partially solved) problems of Short-List and Long-List of International Mathemetical Olympiad (ISL and ILL, respectively) along with my friends Orlando Doehring, Andrew Kirk, Goutham Richlair, and Sameer Seraj. The details of this huge project (containing over 1000 problems) might be found here.

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