61. Do Skonu (До Скону) – Black Asceticism (Черная Аскеза) (released April 15, 2019)

Occult black metal from Ukraine. They also call themselves back rock. Has its special vibe to it. I just re-visited the album and it’s making my day!

62. Aubzagl – Eilífa Kuldinn (released June 6, 2019)

Black/Post-black from England, UK. This is a short EP but it’s sweet and memorable. Listen to “The Hermit”:

63. Eluveitie – Ategnatos (released April 5, 2019)

This Swiss melodic death/folk metal band never disappoints. This is not my favourite genre but a top list containing best metal albums should not be missing this one. Watch the music video for the title track:

64. Malignancy – Headless (released March 29, 2019)

This two-piece black metal band from New Zealand has its own special sound. I’d say “horse black metal”. The title track is beautiful:

65. Mortic – Beneath the Surface (released June 22, 2019)

In-your-face, guitar ejaculation, technical death metal from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

66. Cities of Mars – The Horologist (released April 5, 2019)

Stoner/Doom Metal from Sweden. This one should not be forgotten. I love “Inner Sanctum, Outer Space”. This deserves a way better position in this list.

67. Czernina – Shed (Demo) (released June 9, 2019)

Underground black/dark metal from Poland. The track “The Greater Our Shadows Become” is amazing.

68. KHNVM – Foretold Monuments of Flesh (released March 29, 2019)

Furious black/death metal from Germany/Bangladesh. The title track is a killer.

69. L’Acéphale – L’Acéphale (released April 19, 2019)

A long, pleasant experimental black metal experience. The album contains more than 73 minutes of pure madness, and several tracks are lovely. I’ll re-visit this soon. The last track, a 19-min journey, is the best.

70. Sinmara – Hvísl Stjarnanna (released March 8, 2019)

Icelandic black metal at its best. This and Andavald’s new album are the best Icelandic black metal albums of 2019 for me so far. I love “Crimson Stars” and the title track very much. Again, this deserves a much better place in this chart. I’d have to fix the numbers so .I won’t change it.

71. Brymir – Wings of Fire (released March 12, 2019)

Melodic death/folk metal band from Helsinki, Finland. Good stuff, the lyrics are interesting.

72. Everest Queen – Dead Eden (released April 18, 2019)

Atmospheric sludge/progressive doom metal. Listen to “Blood that Bind the Iliad” performed live:

73. Hellraiser – Heritage (released May 25, 2019)

A thrash/heavy metal band from Italy formed in 2000. Hear “Fairy Veil”:

74. Periphery – Periphery IV: HAIL STAN (released April 5, 2019)

This album is on many top lists and it deserves it. That 16 minute intro… Deserves a better place on the chart.

75. Mollo Rilla – Mollo Rilla (released May 3, 2019)

Stoner/hard rock from Cleveland, Ohio. Listen to the first track on the album, “Ego”:

76. The Meads of Asphodel – Running Out of Time Doing Nothing (released June 21, 2019)

Experimental black/death metal from UK. My favourite’s track from this album was entitled by Captain Obvious: “Black is Black & White is White”.

77. Aara – So Fallen Alle Tempel (released March 1, 2019)

Atmospheric black metal/doom metal. Favourite tracks: “De Profundis” and “Rote Trümmer”.

78. Pnakotic Vision – Azathoth (released June 12, 2019)

Lovecraftian black/death metal from Helsinki, Finland. The title track is awesome…

79. Lebowski – Galactica (released January 26, 2019)

Instrumental progressive rock from Poland that must be heard. Favourite track: “Midnight Syndrome”.

80. Memoriam – Requiem For Mankind (released June 20, 2019)

Possibly the best death metal album of the year for me. Best track: “Shell Shock”. Unfortunately, I remembered this album too late and it is number 80 on this list. It definitely needs a better position.


Here are some albums which were released a few days into July, so technically it shouldn’t be on this list; but who cares. I don’t want to forget them for the December list.

81. Aeon Winds – Stormveiled (released July 9, 2019)

Atmospheric black metal from Slovakia. I love the atmosphere here and this will certainly have a high place on my end of the year chart. Check out “Beyond All Empty Places”:

82. False – Portent (released July 12, 2019)

One look at the cover and I’m already in love. The music is madness, darkness, and screams combined with each other to create a unique sound. I’m still looking for the lyrics… The first track was released as a single a few months prior to the album release and that already made me pre-order the album. Amazing stuff! I’m happy to know this band and this album in particular.

83. Crom Dubh – Firebrands and Ashes (released June 4, 2019)
I was too late to this band. Atmospheric black metal from London, UK. Their work reminds me of Drudkh and they deserve to have a high spot in this list. Their previous album is also very good. This needs a much better place in my end-of-the-year list.

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