41. Tir – Urd, Skuld & Verdandi (released May 11, 2019)

Neo-classical/Ambient from Turkey. I know the guy behind this band and he is a really cool person. There is Thomas Helm of Empyrium on guest vocals on two tracks. Listen to “Song of The Rain”:


42. Insanity Cult – All Shall Return to Chaos (released May 19, 2019)

Insane chaotic black metal, against all manifestation of existence, from Greece. I wrote a review in Metal-Temple for this crazy album a while ago. Everything about this album is chaotic and unstable. For instance, listen to the last track of the album which is 11 minutes and 11 seconds:

43. Waldgeflüster – Mondscheinsonaten (released April 12, 2019)

Fine atmospheric black metal from Germany. I enjoyed this album when I first heard it but then totally forgot about it. While making this list, I had the chance to get back to the album and give it the attention it deserves. The atmosphere is brilliant and I love the acoustic parts blending in.

44. Vananidr – Road North (released June 7, 2019)

Melodic black metal from Sweden, raised from the ashes of another black metal band Hydra. The middle tracks (4, 5, and 6) are really strong and good. You can hear memorable melodies in them. The only problem with this album is a few misspells/grammatical errors in the lyrics, but that happens sometimes and the music is so good it compensates for that. I wrote a review for this album as well. Read it here.

45. Firmament – Nightside Valkyries (released May 7, 2019)

Ambient atmospheric black metal with an astonishing cover art. I will never get tired of atmospheric black metal, especially if there are some soft and acoustic parts in it. Listen to “My Nocturnal Journey” in a night full of stars.

46. Evohé – Deus Sive Natura (released May 31, 2019)

Quality black metal from France since 2001. I have labeled four songs from this album as “loved”. Make sure to give the album a try if you like (pagan) black metal. Watch “Sleeping with Wolves” performed live:

47. Iron Griffin – Curse of the Sky (released March 22, 2019)

I accidentally stumbled upon this in a “Release Radar” playlist in Spotify. I was surprised by the quality and became an instant fan of that band. Classic heavy metal from Finland with female vocals. What else could you ask for? This is their second full-length. I enjoyed the album so much I also checked their debut album and had fun with it. My favourite track is “Forgotten Steel”.

48. Kalmankantaja – Kaski (released April 30, 2019)

Kalmankantaja is a super-active black metal band from Finland who drops an album or two every year. Surprisingly, the quality of their work stays excellent. I’m going to make a bold statement here: Kaski is the best Kalmankantaja album to date. I also have a proof for it: their self-titled track is in this album! Give it a try, I love it.

49. Idle Hands – Mana (released May 10, 2019)

Heavy metal from Portland, Oregon. This is not my most favourite heavy release of the year but it definitely needs to be heard and deserves to be on this list. “Give Me to the Night” is such a memorable track and “A Single Solemn Rose” is my favourite. Now that I returned to the album, I think I like it a lot more and am enjoying what I’m hearing.

50. Garsdghastr – Slit Throat Requiem (released April 26, 2019)

Profound Lore has released such good records in 2019. This is a black/death metal madness.

51. Murdryck – Födelsen (released May 1, 2019)

Swedish black metal at its peak. All the songs on this album are strong and decent, my favourite being “The Sea Spirit of the Night”:

52. Lotek Cruiser – Lotek Cruiser (released February 23, 2019)

Stoner/Sludge metal from Kitchener, Ontario. Unfortunately, I missed their live show here in Toronto and I don’t know if I can ever see them again. Good stuff. I like “Burn it Down” and “Left Turn” the most.

53. Departure Chandelier – Antichrist Rise to Power (released April 5, 2019)

Black metal from Montreal/New York singing about French history. This has an insane sound to it and I love it. The whole album is great but “Life Escaping Through Candle’s Smoke” is definitely the best track on the album. This deserves to be way upper in the list but I guess it requires a lot of trouble to fix the numberings. This would easily be around number 10 in this list.

54. Mammoth Storm – Alruna (released June 28, 2019)
Sludge/Doom metal from Sweden which is heavy as fuck. One of my friends described this as the heaviest release of 2019 and it hence took my attention and I gave it a couple spins. The title track kills!
55. Lęk – The Eerie One (released February 2, 2019)
Melodic black metal from Poland. Although this is just a short EP (15 mins), I enjoyed it so much I kept going back to it over and over. Unfortunately, it seems they have a problem with paypal so it’s not possible to buy the digital version of any of their works from bandcamp. It is available on Spotify and YouTube, though.
56. Trwoga – Trwoga (released April 24, 2019)

Polish black metal in its purest form. Memorable tracks: Otchłań, Pręgierz, Czerń.

57. Horndal – Remains (released February 22, 2019)

Doom/Sludge that is crushingly heavy. Be aware and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

58. Immortal Bird – Thrive On Neglect (released July 5, 2019)

I know this is cheating but I couldn’t simply avoid this because it was released 5 days into July. Black/Doom/Death in that order. It’s a sweet listen and I’ve got to write a review for it! I’ll post the link here when it’s online. Favourite track is the last one, Stumbling Toward Catharsis:

59. Necrodeath – Defragments of Insanity (released April 5, 2019)

These are masters of black/death/thrash from Italy EST. 1984/85. Here is a creepy music video from the album:

60. RPWL – Tales From Outer Space (released March 22, 2019)

Sweet progressive rock from Germany.



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