0. Dreadnought – Emergence (released May 10, 2019)

Post-black metal with super experimental sound. Flute and piano play along with drums like you can never imagine! 10/10.
Underground flute funk and instrumental jazz from Toronto. I was lucky to see their first ever live performance for their debut album and record two tracks. This is really good and I’m glad I found it before finishing this list. I’ve listened to this album more than 10 times on my computer and 3 times on vinyl. It’s one of the best of this year. This is “Undressed in Solitude”:
The other track is Galactic Whip, which is not on the debut album and was released only on cassette, the B-side being “Badge Theme”. Check it out:



2. Cthuluminati – Reliqideus (released June 2, 2019)

I was shamefully late to this release and I had to change its position from 81 to number 2 on this list. This is a phenomenal release, something completely rad. Listen to “Svartálfr” and watch the music video for “El Lizard Birth” to realize my point.

3. Nasheim – Jord och aska (released February 22, 2019)
Atmospheric black metal in the best possible way. I get back to this record every now and then. 10/10.

4. Mono – Nowhere Now Here (released January 25, 2019)

Mono is back with their everlasting majesty. This album is as good as I expected. Love Mono… Saw them live in Toronto a few months ago and they blew my mind! “After You Comes the Flood” gives me chill bones…


5. Csejthe – L’horreur de Čachtice (released March 13, 2019)
 Québécois black metal at its peak. All the tracks are perfect. A complete masterpiece. 10/10.

6. Crystal Coffin – Demo 2019 (released January 17, 2019)

Crushing apocalyptic black metal from Vancouver. Aron, who does Vocals and Bass, is a good friend of mine and also plays in Koma, a Sludge/Doom band who released Through Blackened Veils in January 2019. I own that album on red vinyl and I hope Crystal Coffin also publishes something on wax!

7. Seer – Vol. 6 (released February 8, 2019)
Since its release in February, I’ve been listening to this heavy/black/doom release almost every week. Combining several genres, this Vancouverite band never seizes to amaze me. I was lucky to grab a vinyl pressing of this album on blue vinyl. I love the Agalloch sound to this one…

8. Spirit Adrift – Divided by Darkness (released May 10, 2019)

Best heavy metal album of 2019 without any doubt. This is a masterpiece and will be remembered by many people in the coming years. I saw them live in June and their performance is wonderful.


9. Wormwitch – Heaven that Dwells Within (released April 5, 2019)

Black metal blended with crust, neofolk, and beautiful melodies. These guys are from Vancouver and I had the chance to meet them in a local show. They are great guys and their vocalist, Robin Harris, runs Funeral Trance. 10/10.


10. Crypt Witch – Bad Trip Exorcism (released March 27, 2019)

You don’t want to listen to this album unless you are high. Instrumental Stoner/Doom with killer riffs. It is difficult for some people to connect with this album, but I just love everything about it; including the fact that the man behind Crypt Witch is running several other projects such as Donarhall, Sinister Downfall, and Hexengrab.

Ceremony of Silence – Outis (released April 4, 2019)
Death/Black metal from Slovakia. This is definitely one of the best albums of the year. “Into the Obscure Light” and “Ceremony of a Thousand Stars” are absolute essentials.



When I first listened to this album, it sounded very similar to the new Deathspell Omega album. But then I read the lyrics and I have to say I like this album a lot more than DSO’s. They are both talking about end times, but Panzerfaust is merely telling the story of what’s been happening in the world rather than being hyped for the end of humanity like DSO is. The quality of the sound is pretty impressive and the lyrics hit so hard you will be drown in an existential crisis. The last track, The Men of No Man’s Land, is my favourite.


12. Andavald – Undir skyggðarhaldi (released June 6, 2019)Number 12 was originally the spot for Crom Dubh’s new album, but I had to move it down to give the proper rank to Andavald’s new record. I listened to this several times (like 6 or 7 times) on my way to work and then back home. It is Icelandic black metal but it’s not too dissonant to annoy my ears. I love the slow atmosphere and I love to relax to their sound. There are 5 tracks in the album but the first and the last are intro and outro, so it’s basically three long tracks; just as it should be. All the tracks are almost equally amazing, my favourite being the second one:

13. Gaahls WYRD – GastiR – Ghosts Invited (released May 31, 2019)
This is a project of Gaahl (Gorgoroth’s vocalist) and his friends, but the style of the music is very different from the black metal Gorgoroth plays. This seems to be an adventure for Gaahl, exploring his inner self and “Carving the Voices”. He was recently interviewed by Metal Injection and based on the answers he gave in the interview, it is clear that he has changed a lot (that is, he doesn’t answer Satan to every question anymore). People who are not into black metal can also enjoy this album. Listen to it.

14. Verwoed – De Val (released May 24, 2019)

Dutch black metal at its best. All tracks are amazing and I love the clean vocals in the end. 10/10.
15. Kampfar – Ofidians Manifest (released May 3, 2019)
Definitely one of the strongest releases of the year which also appears on many top lists. These Norwegian guys have been playing black metal for a very long time and they know how to do it. Make sure to check the last track, Det Sorte:
Although I personally do not like the lyrics, the music is indeed good in this album. This is a concept album and the narrator is apparently a sick-minded person with misanthropic ideas looking forward to deceive other people by telling them how unjust and meaningless; making a promise that they will make a “perfect world” for everyone. This, of course, is a lie. The narrator reveals his grim ideas in the next tracks and explains in great details how he would rule the world. Finally, in the last track of the album, which happens to be my favourite, they emphasize on how empty this world is and “you cannot even find the ruins of the jewels of yesterday”. This seems to be the reason in the mind of the narrator that explains all his ideas in a logical way. The lyrics of this album are sick and haunting, don’t read them unless you want to mess up with your head. The second half of the album is more pleasant to my ear.
17. Vanum – Ageless Fire (released February 15, 2019)
I was introduced to Vanum with their 2015 album Realm of Sacrifice, which is a phenomenal 4-track record. When I first checked Ageless Fire, I didn’t band with it that much because it was right after I listened to my favourite Realm of Sacrifice. It turns out I just needed to give it more time. “Under the banner of death, I am alive. I declare my being in the language of fire.”

18. Remete – Into Endless Night (released April 15, 2019)One of the best atmospheric black metals I’ve heard in a while. All the songs are perfect and the cover art is really amazing. I stared at the cover for a few minutes when I first saw it! Remete is a one man project from the same person who brought you Woods of Desolation and Forest Mysticism. Favourite track: Coiled Within.



19. Farewell – Dark Days of Depression (released May 3, 2019)
I don’t usually listen to depressive black metal (at least in the last 4 years), but Farewell changed my mind. All the tracks in this album are beautiful and the music drags you to an endless ocean of emotions. Make sure to check this sweet short release or at least the first track, “Introduction to Loneliness”.


Definitely the most exciting compilation of 2019 so far. This album compiles older Elegiac EPs and splits. It has several good tracks such as “Ascension” and “Horns of Triumph” as well as Judas Iscariot and Emperor covers. 9/10

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