Online Olympiad Algebra Classes – Spring 2020

I will hold three online olympiad algebra classes starting from the first week of May 2020. These classes are 1) inequalities, 2) polynomials, and 3) functional equations. The price for the classes is listed here:
1 Class: $395 USD
2 Classes: $690 USD
3 Classes: $885 USD
There will be one session for each class per week, so if you sign up for all three classes, you will have three sessions per week for a total of 10 to 15 weeks.
Before filling this form to register for the class, please read the details, price, and table of contents of the class from this PDF file.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Where do you live?
As we have students from all over the world, it is important to know your time zone to schedule a time for the classes.

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  1. How would this work for students from different countries? We are from Hong Kong +0800 time zone.

    • I decided to hold all classes from 9AM-11AM (Pacific Time Zone). I will record the videos for students who cannot participate in the classes.

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