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In September 2019, I received my master’s degree in mathematics at The University of British Columbia under supervision of Greg Martin. I am currently a math olympiad teacher in Vancouver.

You can find my résumé here and take a look at my projects (details and codes are provided).


September 2019:

  • Graduated from UBC.
  • Instructor at AoPS online school

September 2018:

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  1. I have sent an Email for you Mr.Parvardi
    Please read it if it’s possible.
    There’s nothing else I could wish for

  2. hello that submit very cool

  3. Math-wiz (on AoPS)

    June 10, 2019 — 1:44 AM

    Can you share some books and important theorems for Olympiad Algebra(specifically inequalities) apart from those on AoPS wiki?

  4. Dear sir,
    On the version 6 of your document titled Lifting The Exponent Lemma (LTE), dated April 7, 2011, you write “its origins are hard to trace”.
    The very first time such ideas were used could be by Sophie Germain in 1823 when she was tackling Fermat’s last theorem. I can elaborate if you are interested.

  5. I found version 6 of your Lifting The Exponent Lemma (LTE) online. Let me add my thanks to the many you must have received for such a well written discussion of a piece of mathematics.

    My one comment is that there may be a trivial typo. On page 3, two lines above the sentence “So we proved (3) and the proof of (1) is complete.” the line ends with x^{p-1}. It seems the line should end with x^{p-2}, as had been the case in the previous two lines.

    Again, many thanks for having written about the LTE.

  6. اسماعیل نخعی

    August 11, 2019 — 12:55 PM

    سلام وقت بخیر
    مهندس پروردی ، نخعی هستم از دانشجوهای مهندسی مکانیک دانشگاه تهران
    شما برای پروژه ی کارشناسی روی جریان سنج های مغناطیسی و خودتمیزکننده های
    AC and DC
    کار کردید. میشه منابع و داده های خودتون رو درمورد سلف کلینینگ در اختیار من بگذارید
    ممنون منتظر خبرشما هستم

    • سلام اسماعیل جان! موضوعی که اشاره کردید رو به خاطر دارم. اگه اشتباه نکنم در درس ابزار دقیق تحقیقی در این زمینه انجام دادم. متاسفانه الان به هارد دیسکی که فایل‌هام رو توش ذخیره کرده بودم همراه ندارم. برام یه ایمیل بفرست به آدرسی که همین‌جا هست و اگه پیدا کردم فایل‌ها رو برات می‌فرستم! شما که دانشکده فنی هستی می‌تونی از دکتر آیتی راهنمایی بگیری. من درس ابزار دقیق رو با ایشون گذروندم و این تحقیق هم پیشنهاد دکتر آیتی بود.

  7. hey don’t you teach aops i am thatkid

  8. Dear Sir, I was wondering whether you could share some books (or lecture notes) on Functional Equations, apart from the one from your “Olympiad Stuff”. Especially I’ve difficulties on proving injectivity (of non-injective-trivially FEs) or some monstrous or weird-looking FEs. I would be grateful for any materials for these and am looking forward to your response.
    Best regards,

  9. Sir, can you please make the TeX files of the sample chapters and Table of contents of your TNT available for download ?

  10. Please can you share some books that are essential for Olympiad Combinatorics, Algebra and Number Theory, apart from the ones on Aops wiki ?

    • Sure, I will update the olympiad resources page in my website. It will take me some time but I will update it eventually. Thanks for the suggestion!

  11. Us slaam O Ailaycum,
    Dear Sir,
    This is regarding non-availability of your book “Topics in Number Theory: An Olympiad-Oriented Approach” on amazon.in (India). It’s available only on amazon.com. I am sure lots of students from India would like to read this book, but they have no way to order from US. It’s a humble request to make this book available on amazon.in , so we too can benefit from it.

    Farhat Ali

    • Dear Farhat, I and Masum are working on it to publish a new edition of the book in a way which is accessible for everyone. I will post the updates as soon as we have any. Thanks for your message!

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